Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall Season is here! The harvest, and THE COOLER WEATHER!

New Christ­mas 6x6 paintings with
Wonderful new sea­sonal  paintings are here.  Keep a look out, Giveaways! I will let you know how to Register for the freebee's!  No telling what they will be, watercolor postcards, Mini 3x3 paintings, on mini easels.
Enjoy the fall weather, I am pre­paring for the best time of the year!
If you are a Venice fan watch in the following weeks for a new one on the website, as well as an Evening with lights.

Paintings available here: 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Made to hang side by side, measure 12x12
Coffee in hand, smelling the fresh sea air and Bougainvillea we have a peaceful early morning in the Santorini Islands. Among the crisp white and blues of the Mediterranean.
Early Morning Santorini

Ambiance, Great food, a fun 50's nostalgia restaurant. Downtown Bar Harbor, near Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island. Stained glass windows and you won't miss the train as it goes around periodically on tracks above the booths.

An original abstract oil painting of a wonderful Restaurant in Bar Harbor, Route 66.

One of my night paintings, in the evening the darker colors fade back and the lighter, brighter colors really come to life.
Appears like the lights are really coming on! Enjoy
Route 66 
Available here:
Evening on Main in Bar Harbor, lights glistening, music playing the smell of fresh seafood fills our nostrils!

In the evening the darker colors fade back and the lighter, brighter colors really come to life.
Appears like the lights are really coming on! Enjoy

An Original Oil Painting by Rebecca Beal, Fresh off the Easel.

Catching up after taking the summer off, here is Venice Night Life
If you’re prepared to opt for classical music, or settle for what back home would rank as a fairly low-key night out... but here –in Venice thanks to the glorious backdrop and a special air of romance your night out might just prove to be a truly special evening.
View it here:

A stunning spring day Original oil painting landscape with scenic barn, a beautiful lake with swan's and pots full of blooming flowers.
I ran across this barn in Europe at one of the only castles left with a moot, I fell in love with it and knew one day it would make it into a painting, the swan's were also there, the arch invites us into a different world.
Available here: 

Coffee in hand, smelling the fresh air and Bougainvillea we stroll into this wonderful courtyard with archway giving us a spectacular view of the countryside. Imagine walking up here early in the morning, as you let Romantic view transport you there.Romantic View
Painted to hang in groupings size 12x12
I didn't realize when I decided to paint full time, I would also become a writer, LOL.  At least I am trying to.
I am sure by now many of you realize I love the Ocean! What could be nicer than to hear the lapping of the waves, the fragrance of summer flowers while watching the sun coming up.
This painting is available here: 
Collectors seem to love the Ocean as Much as I do, this one is going to Calif.
Thank you Meryll !