Saturday, January 6, 2018

I cannot believe it has been since May of last year that I have added any content to my blog. As I look back I can see how completely absorbed and busy I have been. Painting only a little, making some jewelry and doing a lot of moving!
My new place, the painting was not finished at the time....

Now I am working on a Venice painting, I get so absorbed remembering my visit there, all the emotions and sparkle of the city come back to me.
This is the original sketch.
As you can see, since it has been a while, my perspective is way off!
Though working slowly while unpacking, helping my family and seeing my boys :) I have managed to correct that.  The lighting is pretty bad here but you get the idea, I already see some changes I want to make again :)
For those of you who do not know, I love to work with acrylics first, I tend to design through the whole process and changing is so easy with them because they dry so quickly, also it allows me to add multiple layers. Once I move on to my oils it really changes and adds additional depth to the work.
Thank you for stopping by, hugs R
I will let you know when I finish it :)