Saturday, June 30, 2018

Find Me Here

I wanted to publish the completion of this work that was for my house.
I will have some prints available.
I am heading quickly towards 60 years old, the body tells me so.
The mind....well the mind is as young as it ever was. A little wiser maybe. I remember thinking how old is 50!  When your in your 20's & 30's you never thought you'd get there, just stay young.
I suppose its the "experience" of this place, this planet we call Earth,. Home.,.
Did we ever think.....what's up here, we have to pay to live on a planet were born on, then continue to work for a system that rarely gives back. Work hard all your life to enjoy a few years of freedom before you die. I have to ask WHY DID WE COME HERE?
Suppose we had some things we wanted to learn.  Some gifts we wanted to share.  Some experiences we wanted to add to our repertoire.
to be cont'