Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!  This year is going to be very promising.
The last couple of years has been happily filled with watching my grandson grow and a new baby girl on the way!  I made family a priority so my paintings have been few.  This year I will paint, paint and paint. It is my second love :)
I have had a hard time sharing myself, I am a very private person. My goal this year is getting to know you better and opening up so you can know me.
We will be sharing interests, whats going on in the studio etc.... I am re-starting :) a monthly newsletter and would love for you to sign up!  My subscribers will be the 1st to see new work, receive coupons or sales, painting tips and giveaways! I love to give away things that have special meaning for me.
You can sign up here:  Monthly Newsletter
I look forward to this New Year, getting to know you is going to be something special!