Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Well our huge 40x60 Myers Venice is complete!

Leaving wonderful memories and a few aches. :)
Now we have a little time for contemplation.
I was driving the other day, I passed an elderly gentleman walking in the opposite direction. He was carrying a couple bags probably a few grocery's.  I noticed he was slumped over, seemingly carrying a lot more than the small bags. Extra burdens maybe? That's how it felt to me.
It seem as if someone was trying to tell me....we only carry the burdens we want to. It maybe physical, emotional or mental. It is our choice.
There are issues we have to face but generally they are passing (if we let them). It's up to us to keep re-living them or just let them go.
I decided to
believe we live in an abundant universe.
I decided at that moment I did not need to carry anything but joy.
My body relaxed and I had a great day :)

Click the image to view it larger. It appears a little crocked but that's just because of the tilt it had while holding it for the photos.

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